America! - The Series

America! - The Series

America is a vast country--three thousand miles from end to end. But it's not the land that makes America so special--it's the people. Filmmaker Louis Schwartzberg packed-up his camera and hit the road, with a goal of capturing both the unparalleled beauty of the land and the incomparable spirit of the people. He connects with people, capturing their values, dreams, and passion in a journey that reveals the stories--unusual, captivating, inspiring and emotional--that make Americans into something more than a collection of individuals. It's a celebration of a nation told through the voices of its people.

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America! - The Series
  • America!: "Mosie Burks: Story of Gospel Resilience"

    We follow a vibrant gospel singer who leads her church in energetic song, and gets the whole community dancing together

  • America!: "Glide | A Church Bridging Divides"

    Glyde Church pastor talks about the church's embodied practice of spirituality and their passionate charity for the community. Serves people of all backgrounds, creeds, and statuses, they take a step down from traditional piety of the church to help those truly in need

  • America!: "Legend Little Milton: Back Where it all Began"

    We follow a blues giant who talks about how his love for making music and remembering why he plays: for the people

  • America!: "Shaping a Brighter Future for Underserved Youth"

    A high school tumbling coach talks about how he teaches athleticism as a way to keep the community on the right path

  • America!: "The Rhythm of Connection"

    A solo Bongo player who practices his art under a New Orleans overpass talks about the cast of characters he meets who join him in the spirit of his song, under the reverberating echo of the concrete jungle

  • America!: "From Prison to Olympic Glory"

    Olympic Athlete Michael Bennet talks about how he turned his life around from prison to being the Olympic champion in Boxing

  • America!: "Cycling Towards the Right Path"

    Low riding cyclists talk about their love for creating something personal to them, and how the older generation has taught them how caring for something keeps you on the right path

  • America!: "The Last Cowboy"

    A true cowboy demonstrates the joy he has for his work on the contietal divide and introduces us to his ranch, horses, and friendly employees

  • America!: "Wild, Wild West"

    Rural mountain townsfolk talk about how they pass the time with kooky (and sometimes dangerous) entertainment and games

  • America!: "Watchmaker's War Bunker

    Francis, a watchmaker from Wyoming, talks about his bought-out military warhead base that he converted into his primary home. He takes us on a tour through its history and his job working for the clocktower in town

  • America!: "Televisionary"

    Phil Savenik talks about his love for TV and introduces us to his obsessive collection of eccentric TVs in his "TV Museum"

  • America!: "Learning to Listen"

    Minnie the mountain woman talks about her deep ancestral connection to the land, and how she learned to listen to mother Earth through making her own off the land that raised her

  • America!: "Ben (and Jerry)"

    Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's Ice cream talks about his work, his process, and the charity involved in their business that brings joy and ice cream to millions across the globe

  • America!: "New Orleans Jazz"

    A prominent Jazz musician in New Orleans Talks about how music brings his community of all backgrounds together with the joy of music (and broiled turkey legs)

  • America!: "Diversity is America"

    At the "America 2000" conventions, politicians from around the country come and discuss the issues that are most important to them in the coming elections

  • America!: "Blind Faith"

    A blind ice climber shows us how he is able to overcome his disability and get the most out of life bvy climbing, and shows his family and the world his incredible resilience to achieve the impossible

  • America!: "Music for the Ancestors"

    A NYC clarinet player talks about his musical performance philosophy and how he plays the traditional songs and sounds of his Jewish ancestors

  • America!: "The American Dream"

    RFK Jr. talks about an idalized America focused on compassion, community and mutual understanding as people come together to celebrate the beauty of this country at the "America 2000" Convention

  • America!: "Stunt Flyers"

    National Champion stund flyer soars through the sky doing incredible stunts and the incredible amount of skill, disipline, and dedication involved in teh craft

  • America!: "Family Business"

    George takes us on a tour of his Vermont family ranch and all the fun activities he engages with his family and the community

  • America!: "Blues: Authentic American Music"

    We sit down and talk about Blues music and its classically American sound and rich history

  • America!: "Compassion and Communication"

    Americans talk about the importance of open communication and mutual understanding that is necesssary but missing in the democratic process. Ordinary people, news casters, and politicians alike discuss the importance of understanding and compassion to varied voices and opinions that exist in this...

  • America!: "Slate Mining"

    Take a tour of the slate mining company and leanr the rich history of the hard labor and sacrifice involved in manual labor

  • America!: "Jazz for Building Community"

    A close-knit community talks about how music and jazz brings the town together