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  • Wonder & Awe For The Soul - Uvinie Lubecki

    Uvinie Lubecki brings compassionate leadership to organizations and is passionate about the role of mindfulness and compassion in leadership and building cultures of connection.

    In this episode, Louie and Uvinie discuss the the positive impact wonder and awe can have on large organizations who a...

  • Wonder & Awe: Journey Into The Soul - Brenda Salgado

    Brenda Salgado is the author of Real World Mindfulness for Beginners: Navigate Daily Life One Practice at a Time.
    She is a mindfulness teacher, motivational and public speaker, a facilitator and consultant, a health and wellness expert, a traditional medicine woman, and a Toltec energy healer. Th...

  • Wonder & Awe: Journey Into The Soul - Michelle Shiota

    "Michelle ""Lani"" Shiota is an associate professor of social psychology at Arizona State University. Her studies of positive emotions, emotion regulation, and emotional mechanisms of close relationships use multiple methods including perpheral psychophysiology measures, behavioral coding, cognit...

  • Wonder & Awe: Journey Into The Soul - Mark Unno

    "Professor Mark Unno's interests lie in Medieval Japanese Buddhism, specifically in the relation between intellectual history and social practices. He also researches and has published in the areas of modern Japanese religious thought, comparative religion, and Buddhism and psychotherpay. He is t...

  • Wonder & Awe Journey Into The Soul - Alicia Forde

    The Reverend Alicia Roxanne Forde serves with the Unitarian Universalist Association as the Director of the International Office. She is a graduate of The Iliff School of Theology and currently lives in Longmont, Colorado. Alicia was born and spent her formative years in Trinidad and Tobago. She ...

  • Wonder & Awe: Journey Into The Soul - Dr. Andrew Weil

    Andrew Weil, M.D., is a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, a healing-oriented approach to health care which encompasses body, mind, and spirit.

    Combining a Harvard education and a lifetime of practicing natural and preventive medicine, Dr. Weil is the founder...

  • Wonder & Awe: Journey Into The Soul - Deepa Patel

    Deepa Gulrukh Patel is a Sufi teacher in the Inayati Order, which she also serves in her capacity as International Coordinator and Executive Director for the Zenith Institute, a four-week Sufi meditation camp in the Swiss Alps, where she guides retreats for young adults. She is also the Chair of ...

  • Wonder & Awe: Journey Into The Soul - Brother David Steindl-Rast

    Brother David Steindl-Rast — 96 year-old author, scholar, and Benedictine monk — is beloved the world over for his enduring message about gratefulness as the true source of lasting happiness. Known to many as the “grandfather of gratitude,” Br. David has been a source of inspiration and spiritual...

  • Wonder & Awe: Journey into the Soul - Koya Webb

    Koya Webb is an internationally recognized yoga teacher, celebrity holistic health coach, author, speaker, and vegan activist whose core mission is to promote daily self-care, oneness and eco friendly living to combat some of the world’s biggest challenges including mental health, social injustic...

  • Wonder & Awe: Journey into the Soul - Snow Raven

    Singer Snow Raven grew up in a remote tribe in Arctic Siberia. She has performed for SXSW and has appeared on America’s Got Talent, enchanting audiences with her extraordinary talents from her ancestors. Snow Raven hopes to heal people through her music-- combining traditional songs, shamanistic ...

  • Wonder & Awe - Episode #13 - Anna Bjurstam

    Louie and Anna Bjurstam embark on a conversation about personal health, growth, wellness, and healing. Bjurstam is a wellness pioneer and Founding Board Member of the Global Wellness Summit. Bjurstam has a Masters in Finance and a passion for quantum physics and science. She has been leading the ...

  • Wonder & Awe - Episode #12 - Lindsey Sterling

    Join Wonder & Awe as Louie Schwartzberg sits down for a chat with Lindsey Stirling is an American violinist, songwriter, and dancer. Schwartzberg and Stirling have worked together on projects before. The two will delve into topics like energy, artistry, and creative flow.

  • Wonder & Awe - Episode #11 - Giuliana Furci and Nathalie Kelley

    Louie Schwartzberg hosts Giuliana Furci, Founder of the Fungi Foundation and Nathalie Kelley, Actress, Activist, and Board Member of the Fungi Foundation.

  • Wonder & Awe - Episode #10 - Lisbeth Scott

    Lisbeth Scott is a singer and composer whose work has been seen on films including "AVATAR", “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” Louie himself has had the pleasure of working with Ms. Scott through the production of Disney's "Wings of Life" and "Moving Art" and many...

  • Wonder & Awe - Episode #9 - Kelly Noonan Gores and Adam Schomer

    Join Louie and special guests, Kelly Noonan Gores (Director) and Adam Schomer (Producer) from the HEAL Documentary as we talk about strength, hope, choices and the healing power of nature.

  • Wonder & Awe - Episode #8 - Jason Silva

    Join us for an engaging conversation with Emmy-nominated TV personality, filmmaker and futurist, Jason Silva. Louie and Jason will tackle topics like cognitive science, and the exploration of futurism. We will explore the inspiration that can come from the miracle of life, evolution, and intellig...

  • Wonder & Awe - Episode #7 - David Bronner with Tom and Sheri Eckert

    Louie Schwartzberg hosts David Bronner, Tom Eckert, Sheri Eckert - the driving forces behind the Oregon Psilocybin Therapy legalization initiative.

  • Wonder & Awe - Episode #6 - Dacher Keltner

    Louie Schwartzberg hosts Dacher Keltner, founder of the Greater Good Science Center at University of California, Berkley to discuss human psychology, compassion, and contribution.

    He’s a professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and the best-selling author of The Power P...

  • Wonder & Awe - Episode #5 - Tamara Toles O'Laughlin and William Padilla-Brown

    Louie Schwartzberg hosts Tamara Toles O'Laughlin, the North American Director of and William Padilla Brown, self-taught mycologist for a deep conversation about mycology, environmental activism, local communities and more.

  • Wonder & Awe - Episode #4 - Alex and Allyson Grey

    Louie Schwartzberg hosts an inspiring conversation with Alex and Allyson Grey. These two artists have spent decades as leaders and mentors in the visionary art movement. They co-founded the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, a sanctuary of visionary art to inspire every pilgrim’s creative path and affirm ...

  • Wonder & Awe - Episode #3 - Dr Jeffrey Bland and Ruth Westreich

    Louie Schwartzberg hosts an inspiring conversation with functional medicine founder and author Dr. Jeffrey Bland alongside artist, philanthropist, and activist Ruth Westreich.

  • Wonder & Awe - Episode #2 - IN-Q and Toni Blackman

    Welcome to the second episode of Wonder & Awe, a podcast exploring the intersection between art and science.

    Louie Schwartzberg hosted an inspiring conversation with poet and songwriter IN-Q and hip-hop ambassador and meditation expert Toni Blackman.

  • Wonder & Awe - Episode #1 - Paul Stamets and Merlin Sheldrake

    Episode 1 with Paul Stamets (mycologist and author) and Merlin Sheldrake (biologist and author), hosted by filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg.

    What we need now more than ever is survival of the kindest, the stories of interconnections of generations of nurturing, a more feminine and less macho view o...