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Watch this video and more on THE LOUIE CHANNEL

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  • Impact Gratitude

    Presented by The Climate Boot Camp and moderated by founder Michael Linn, we will gather these four thought leaders together to discuss how the power of gratitude can impact how we approach taking care of the earth and one another.

    Be sure to watch the full length film Gratitude Revealed before...

  • Gratitude Animation

    In this animated short film, Jack Kornfield narrates the journey to Gratitude.

  • "Gratitude" music video by Mantragold

    Music video for the song "Gratitude" by Mantragold, as heard in the movie "Gratitude Revealed".

    Written by: Lily Elise, Ayo Awosika, Brock Pollock, Jeremy Lawrence, and Joe Conner
    Produced by Jeremy Lawrence
    Engineered by: Patrick Kehrier
    Mixed by: Jon Buscema