Howard Hall Collection

Howard Hall Collection

12 Episodes

Howard Hall has been capturing the magic of underwater worlds for over 30 years. His work embodies everything The Louie Channel represents, and Louie is thrilled to share his work here with you.

During Howard's career as an underwater cinematographer, he and his wife Michele Hall, have produced numerous exhibit films, broadcast television documentaries, and IMAX theatrical features. Howard Hall's incredible cinematography captures marine wildlife, aerials, and time lapse from all around the world.

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Howard Hall Collection
  • Moving Art: Underwater

    Episode 1

    Embark into this underwater tale of hidden wonder and the elegance of marine life.

  • Moving Art: Whales and Dolphins

    Episode 2

    Submerge yourself with these majestic creatures of the sea.

  • Island of the Sharks

    Episode 3

    A magnificent expedition 300 miles west of Costa Rica spotlights the remote animal sanctuary of Cocos Island. Its amazing underwater world has some of the ocean's most-feared, most-misunderstood predators. Manta rays, barracudas, giant sea turtles, porpoises and hundreds of sharks swim through th...

  • Shadows in a Desert Sea

    Episode 4

  • Seasons of the Sea

    Episode 5

    Seasons of the Sea was produced and directed by Howard Hall in 1990. Winner of numerous awards including the Golden Panda award at Wildscreen 1990 and the Festival Choice award at Jackson Hole 1991, Seasons was arguably the first underwater wildlife behavior film.

  • Whales

    Episode 6

  • Forest in the Sea

    Episode 7

  • Coral Kingdoms

    Episode 8

  • Beneath the Sea

    Episode 9

    This hour-long music video was captured exclusively in 8K resolution and features an original music score by award-winning composer, Alan Williams. The film won a Silver Medal for Best Score at the 2018 Global Music Awards.

  • Bejeweled Fishes

    Episode 10

    Bejeweled Fishes captures the spectacular beauty of fishes inhabiting the coral reefs of the Tropical Pacific.

  • Mountain in the Sea

    Episode 11

  • Flow of Time

    Episode 12