Moving Art

Moving Art

3 Seasons

A ground-breaking series, taking viewers on a visual experience through the natural world. Enjoy all 3 seasons!

Moving Art
  • Moving Art: Africa

    Episode 3

    Filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert highlight the incredible animals and beautiful landscapes that make up the African continent and welcome viewers to immerse themselves in a land where the wildlife needs our protection.

  • Moving Art: Iceland

    Episode 2

    Witness the spectacular terrain and hover above the remote island where glaciers and waterfalls meet under the Northern Lights sky.

  • Moving Art: Koh Samui

    Episode 1

    Kin to a living desktop, this episode showcases a stunning aerial view of various parts of Thailand and all of its beauty. Pano drone view shots paired with soothing music, it's the perfect blend of ambience.

  • Moving Art: Angkor Wat

    Episode 5

    Journey into the ruins of this wonder of the ancient world as filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg captures images of how nature reclaims the works of mankind.

  • Moving Art: Big Sur

    Episode 6

    Soar the California coast and Pacific paradise of Big Sur.

  • Moving Art: Galapagos

    Episode 7

    An island 600 miles off the coast of South America, where time has stood still, which inspired the theory of evolution.

  • Moving Art: Whales and Dolphins

    Episode 4

    Submerge yourself with these majestic creatures of the sea.