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Wellness Wednesday - 34

Wellness Wednesdays • 42s

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    When I think of energy, I think of passion. I think of human imagination. I think about creativity, I think about existential angst. I think about boredom, as a kind of meaning withdrawal, something that agitates something within that makes you say, I got to get up, I got to move, I got to create...

  • Wellness Wednesday - 32

    Patience or trust is really waiting for the right season. Like surfing. You don't just get on your board and paddle. You wait for the right moment in the wave. And when you quiet your mind and open your heart and look, it's not even a question of patience. It's a question of being home and your h...

  • Wellness Wednesday - 31

    "Ultimately, gratitude is a way of life. It's an attitude and a vibrational altitude that we live in, but there are tiers to it. So the first tier is we learn to be grateful for what we have. We bless our food, we bless our house, we bless our friendships. We're grateful for little big medium thi...